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Artist Statement:

In my artistic journey, I am captivated by the interplay of line, light, color, and motion within the tapestry of everyday life. I strive to distill these fleeting moments into visual expressions that resonate with viewers. Commonplace imagery and the natural world serve as the wellspring of my creative inspiration, rendering my art as a daily chronicle. My creative compass is rooted in following my innate curiosity, embracing the creative process, and allowing it to chart my course.



Mary Lee Rybar is a multi-faceted artist, encompassing the roles of painter, printmaker, sculptor, and lifelong artisan. Her profound appreciation for handcrafted uniqueness manifests in a diverse body of work, spanning from the abstract to the representational, and across various mediums. Educated at Kent State University and the American School of Paris, where she earned a BA in English, her journey took her around the world as a flight attendant, fostering her passion for photographic storytelling and cultural exploration. Alongside her career and family commitments, she founded Hunter Designs, producing hand-painted linens for select retailers. Noteworthy achievements include receiving a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant in Printmaking and an invitation to be a Fellow at the Vermont Studio Center. Her art has graced the walls of renowned institutions such as the Sawtooth Museum for the Arts in Salem, NC, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, as well as distinguished retail spaces including Williams-Sonoma, Gumps of San Francisco, Vanderbilts St. Helena, Halls of Kansas City, Chateau Sonoma, and H Frank on the Historic Sonoma Plaza. Her work is proudly represented by Lori Austin Gallery on the Healdsburg Plaza, Healdsburg, CA.


Having spent numerous years in the travel industry, Mary Lee Rybar has now found her artistic sanctuary in Sonoma, California, where she dedicates herself to her craft. Her art continues to draw inspiration from life's diverse tapestry, providing the foundation for her artful journey. For more information and to view her portfolio, visit

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